Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Improvement - Overall Site

We have made so many improvements, behind the scenes as well as on the consumer side.  

We hope that all of the little things that we have spent hours working on will improve your experience when exploring the site and finding new goals that you want to pursue.  

Improvement - Breadcrumbs

We have improved our Breadcrumb.  Now you will always have a link back to your Dashboard, so you can always check your progress.

New Feature - Sub Categories

We now have Sub-Categories!  This will enable you to drill down into more specific areas of any category.  

Improvement - New Categories

We have new categories!!!

New Feature - Product Page

We have added a new feature!  Now you can see all of the information for any Amazon.com product right on our site!  This way you can view all of the product details from price to description as well as see a clear picture of the product.  And with one click of a button, you can add that product to your Amazon.com shopping cart.  

Improvement - Dashboard

We have made some improvements to our Dashboard to make it easier for everyone to access the the site.

You now have the ability to search for new goals right from the Dashboard as well as go back to view all of the Categories.