The MM Story

The idea all started in June of 2012.  We wanted to create a site where we would be able to help people share knowledge about how to accomplish their goals and the steps they need to take to get there.  We didn't know of any other site like it, so we got started.

The idea process was long, but the process had started.  We had so many ideas.  Adam got to work right away.  He started building the infrastructure for the site, doing the research to get the servers and tools we needed to build it, and I started on the design part of the site.  There was so much to be done, so many little tasks that needed to be completed, and they all needed to get done at the same time.

Thankfully we had a few months before our daughter was born.  See, at the time in June, I was 7 months pregnant with our daughter.  So we knew that our lives would change once she arrived.  So we worked our butts off.

We shared the site with family and close friends for them to help us test, and get feedback for improvements.  And we were off and running!  The first pass at the site is always a 'first pass.'  We look back at it now and can't imagine the site like it was.  But thats why we are always improving, finding new ways to improve the site.

Once our daughter was born, things were different.  Spare time was hard to come by - but thankfully Adam had a bunch of vacation time that he was able to use, to spend with me and the baby, as well as spend on the site.

Things got easier for us, and we got into the swing of things with our new life as parents and with trying to start a company ourselves.  With help from key people like Jason Schock who helped us so much with the UI design of the site (he is the UI Master), we were able to really have our vision get out there.

We love the work that we have done thus far, but we know there is much to be done.  We are excited at the possibilities that are to come.  Thank you for taking the time, and we are excited that you want to improve your life just as much as we want to!

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